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Buy ashwagandha root powder

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Extension by methanol extract of ashwagandha roots of withania somnifera in sk-n-sh cells.

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Information about Ashwagandha.

Som popl alsus ashwagandha impoving thinking ability, dcasing pain and swlling (inlammation), and pvnting th cts aging. It is alsusd tility poblms in mn and womn and alstincas sxual dsi.

On human study publishd in th Intnational Jounal Ayuvda sach ound that using th hb hat halth (in combination with anoth Ayuvdic hb) was hlpul in impoving muscl stngth and nduanc.

A study publishd in th jounal Phytomdicin showd that th hb had th ability tduc anxity lvls. In act, th twtatmnts w ound ta simila lvl li om anxity as th abov mdication, suggsting ashwagandha might b as ctiv ducing anxity.

Additionally, thos on mdication thyoid disas should b caul whn taking ashwagandha, as it may potntially incas thyoid homon lvls in som popl.

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i take 1 gr 60mg naturethyroid and my doctor actually recommended adding ashwagandha for stress so i m guessing it is safe to use together but everyone is different.

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