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Th tablts should b takn gulaly as dictd by you docto. Th tablts should b swallowd with a dink wat.

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Lvatd systolic diastolic pssu causs incasd cadiovascula isk, and th absolut isk incas p mmHg is gat at high blood pssus, sthat vn modst ductions sv hyptnsion can povid substantial bnit. lativ isk duction om blood pssu duction is simila acoss populations with vaying absolut isk, sth absolut bnit is gat in patints wha at high isk indpndnt thi hyptnsion (xampl, patints with diabts hyplipidmia), and such patints would b xpctd tbnit om maggssiv tatmnt ta low blood pssu goal.

High Blood Pssu “cntly had tup my dos, and had ttak at bdtim bcaus dizzinss. I noticd I was not ling wll, and thought I was ighting som bug, but it continud. I noticd that th nausa and hadach occud at taking my nighttim dos Avapo. Whn I quit taking it, I lt in.”

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